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Barclays Accelerator
Powered by Techstars

How it works

Powered by Techstars, the Barclays Accelerator is a 15-week programme run by a full-time, dedicated Techstars team. 10 startups will be selected to come to London to accelerate their FinTech businesses. Successful applicants will get:

  • An investment of up to $50,000
  • Mentorship from experts in the FinTech field
  • 11,000 sq ft of beautifully designed workspace in Tech City
  • Support in digital, design, marketing and other key areas
  • Opportunities to pitch at Investor Demo Days
  • Entry into the prestigious Techstars alumni network
  • $200,000 worth of partner perks

Unprecedented access

What makes this accelerator so attractive is the unprecedented access we'll give the chosen startups to help accelerate their business:

  • First access to Barclays Pingit APIs
  • Dedicated support from the Barclays Pingit technology team
  • Access to Barclays' strategic investment team
  • Introductions to relevant key decision makers within Barclays
  • Insight on how to navigate the Barclays organisation as a service provider
  • Mentoring by industry experts and Barclays CEOs across business divisions
  • A demo day with your pitch streamed to Barclays offices worldwide

Who can apply

We're looking for 10 startup companies from around the world with an innovative FinTech proposition. If you're passionate about digital and have some radical FinTech concepts that you believe could instigate a new era in financial services innovation, we want to hear from you. Examples of the types of teams we're looking for include:

  • Payment solutions and applications
  • Digital banking solutions
  • Currency and money transfer products
  • Wealth management and financial planning platforms
  • Credit and loan products
  • Security & authentication
  • Securities trading platforms

Your mentors

Leveraging both our own and the proven Techstars network, you'll benefit from the knowledge and expertise of some of the best business minds in the world, as you're mentored by world-class industry leaders and renowned entrepreneurs. All are highly acclaimed in their fields and can offer access to a network of contacts that could help accelerate your company's development by a year or more in just 15 weeks. View all mentors here.

Where you'll be

You'll get to be part of the buzz of London, the vibrant European capital of digital innovation and the perfect place for FinTech startups to get their businesses off the ground.
We've teamed up with Central Working to create a beautifully-designed 11,000 sq ft open office in a stunning building dubbed 'the Harrods of east London'. It's collaborative, it's creative, and it's fun.
Throughout March, we'll be hosting events there to talk about the Barclays Accelerator and answer questions on the programme.


The timeline has 5 milestones as shown, with the programme itself broadly comprising 3 parts:

Month 1: Connect with leading entrepreneurial mentors

Month 2: Build your product and develop your business

Month 3: Hone your pitching skills at Investor Demo Days

9 December 2013

Applications open

31 March 2014

Applications close

2 May 2014

Finalists notified

16 June 2014

Barclays Accelerator begins

25 September 2014

Investor demo day


General overview

chevronWhat types of businesses is the Barclays Accelerator focusing on?

chevronHow are the final 10 companies chosen? What are the criteria?

chevronWhat role is Barclays going to play in the Barclays Accelerator and what commitment has it made?

chevronWhat are the networking and educational opportunities provided during the programme?

chevronWill all the mentors come from Barclays?

chevronWhat if my company isn't an expert at developing Barclays' solutions?

chevronWhat size company is Barclays focusing on for this programme?

Application process

chevronHow does the application process work?

chevronHow detailed does my idea need to be in the application?

chevronDo I need to send in a business plan?

chevronIs my age a factor in your selection process?

chevronWhen is the deadline to apply and what's the overall timeline?


chevronIs there an equity stake component for participation in the programme?

chevronIs there any other additional source of funding that the selected start-ups can use?

chevronHow can participants receive funding after the Barclays Accelerator ends?


chevronWhere is the Barclays Accelerator office?

chevronDo companies have to be on site for the entire 15-week period?

chevronDoes Barclays provide housing for participants?

chevronCan I apply if our company or founders are not from the UK? Can you help with visa/immigration issues?


chevronWhen are the Investor Demo Days and who will be invited?

chevronWhat will a typical day be like for a Barclays Accelerator participant?

chevronCan I only launch my product on Barclays' platforms?


chevronWill Barclays invest in my company?

chevronWhat guarantees can Barclays make to companies who get into the programme?

chevronIs a participating company's product or service guaranteed to be distributed by Barclays?


chevronWhat is Techstars?

chevronWhy did Barclays partner with Techstars on this programme?

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